Softcare Odour and Stain Remover - 500ml (716211)

New Softcare products is a solid combination of two effective products which successfully removes stains and odors, as well as other unpleasant pet, smells from textiles, leather and room space which are left by animal secretions, odors, and other distracting scents. This is a new generation product which not only covers the smell but breaks down the gas that causes the smell chemically.  Absolutely harmless to pets, long-lasting and easy to use.

Instructions for use: In order to remove the stain, spray on the stain and let the product work a few minutes. Wipe off with terry cloth or other soft cloth. Repeat treatment if necessary. You can also pre-treat stains before normal laundry. In order to remove unpleasant smells, please remove visible dirt first and then spray the product directly to the odor source. Wait a few minutes, so that the product has time to act. Repeat the application procedure if necessary.

Packaged in a spray bottle made of aerosol-free recyclable plastic that can be burnt or recycled as mixed waste when the bottle is empty.