Softcare Furniture Protector - for textile (712855)

Softcare Furniture Protector is an excellent finishing product for upholstered furniture. It forms a highly effective molecular shield around fibres to guard against virtually all kinds of liquids, stains and soiling.

Suitable for all kinds of fabrics from the most lavish silks to the toughest wools and cottons and all manmade fibres and their blends. Doesn’t change the feel, colour or other properties of the fabric. With one bottle you can protect the surfaces of a 5 seat sofa using 1 dl/m2. In normal household, the protection lasts for two years. It makes fabrics easy to take care of. You can just blot off the dirt. Even dry dirt is easy to clean with help of water and Softcare Textile Cleaner.

Protects against oil and water based stains and dry soil. Shake well and spray evenly on a clean, dry surface so that the fabric becomes slightly moist. Protect wallpapers, floor and other surrounding materials before spraying. Let dry in room temperature and wait for two hours before use. Flammable in liquid form but completely safe when dry.

Packed in a 500 ml bottle, ready to use.