Shampoo for animals 250ml (716099)

Softcare Shampoo for animals is a gentle sulfate free fur shampoo for washing animal furs. Suitable for all animals. Softcare Shampoo for animals is luxurious and gentle, with exceptionally good lather properties as a sulfate free system. Some animal's fur is very fine and delicate, and for this reason products intended for humans (i.e. regular shampoo) should not be used on animals.

The product does not contain fragrances or colourants.

Tip: For extremely fine and delicate fur dose a small amount of Softcare Shampoo for animals on your hand and mix with water.

Instructions for use: Apply and lather on moist fur, starting behind the ears, from the neck to the tail, and down the legs. Avoid getting any shampoo in animal's eyes, ears or nose.