Hygisoft universal disinfectant for surfaces and premises treatment, concentrate 10L (716006P10L)

Chlorine and alcohol-free, odorless, colorless, fast-acting disinfectant with a wide range of antimicrobial effects. Provides effective and long-lasting protection wherever required microorganisms free environment: in hospitals, health and public institutions, agriculture, veterinary, cattle and poultry farming, slaughterhouses. Can be used in production and home life, for disinfection of residential, public and private buildings and objects, waterproof surfaces, equipment, food production, feed, agricultural products and food storage rooms, for use in freezers, greenhouses, transport, kitchens, etc. application spheres. Protects against viruses, bacteria, mushrooms, spores and algae, as well as prevents the formation of molds. The disinfectant composition is based on the active ingredient polyhexamethylenebiguanide hydrochloride (PHMB) and water. Does not release corrosion of water resistant surfaces. After the treatment there is not necessary to rinse off surfaces, simply should be allowed them to dry before use. Effectiveness inspection performed in accordance with EN standards.

The disinfectant working solution (0.5% active ingredient) should be sprayed with Pulsfog thermal sprayer as a fine aerosol with a particle size of 5-10 microns, which will form the disinfectant fog, providing complete and efficient disinfection of machinery, equipment and containers in the premises. This method also provides disinfection of areas with difficult access, the destruction of airborne bacteria’s and mushrooms spores that cannot be carried out with conventional spraying. Due to the polymer's nature of the active substance, a microfilm is formed on the surfaces to provide lasting protection against microorganisms that is active until it has been washed off or mechanically cleansed. After the treatment with a thermal sprayer premises may only be used when the mist will be completely dropped down (~ after 6-12 h). Such ceilings and walls treatment with Pulsfog thermal sprayer in the rooms, warehouses, shelters, etc. will give protection which works from 6 – 9 – 12 months and even longer.


Directions for use:


  • Disinfection of surfaces and equipment:

Before disinfection equipment, trolleys, cargo wheels, containers must be cleaned, then should be sprayed with 0,6% PHMB working solution: 1,5 L Hygisoft concentrate + 8,5 L water = 10 L 0,6% PHMB working solution.

  • Treatment of premises with a thermal sprayer:
  1. should be treated with 0,5% PHMB working solution:

 1,25 L Hygisoft concentrate  + 8,75 L water = 10 L  0,5% PHMB working solution.

2) with 0,5% PHMB working solution, if ceiling is higher than 3 m, then Hygisoft Carrier should be added to the working solution:

1.25 L Hygisoft concentrate  + 1,25 L Hygisoft Carrier + 7,5 L water = 10 L 0,5% PHMB working solution.

3) with 1% PHMB working solution, if ceiling is higher than 3 m:

2,50 L Hygisoft concentrate + 1,25 L Hygisoft Carrier + 6,25 L water = 10 L 1% PHMB working solution.

When using thermo sprayer, there is required from 10 L to 12 L PHMB working solution to 1000 m3 space.

!"Carrier" containing disinfectant working solution has to be used within 24 hours after preparation!

  • For drinking water systems disinfection: Dilute Hygisoft concentrate 4% with water in proportions 1/100. The drinking water supply must be closed and the pipes should be drained. Then pipes should be filled with 0.04% PHMB working solution:

1 L Hygisoft concentrate  4% + 100 l water.

Allow to stay overnight and empty in the morning. No rinse is required. Hygisoft does not affect the plastic parts.

  • Foot carpet disinfection: use Hygisoft universal disinfectant (PHMB) 0,5% working solution. Depending on the intensity of use, the working solution has to be change every 7-20 days,

!When processing premises with aerosol thermo sprayer, protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protectors and face protectors should be used obligatory!

The product is intended for general public use. Disinfection should be carried out if necessary.

Active substances in composition:

* poly(hexamethylene biguanide) (CAS No. 91403-50-8, EC No. polymer), concentration 4g/100g;

* quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-16-alkyldimethyl, chlorides (CAS No. 68424-85-1, EC No. 270-325-2), concentration 4g/100g,

and water, pH neutral.

Product Inventory Number: LV05042017/2907.


!Concentrated product is harmful by inhalation, irritates the skin, may cause serious damage to the eyes.

!When processing premises with aerosol thermo sprayer, protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protectors and face protectors should be used obligatory!

!Does not compatible with anionic surfactants, strong alkalis above pH 10 and chlorine!

Store in a cool place tightly closed. Do not freeze!


It can be greatly applied against:

  • Mold problems in living quarters, cellars…
  • Affliction problems on the roofs of houses, exterior walls, fences, greenhouse glasses, grave monuments…
  • Algae formation in the pool waters.